SharePoint Architecture – Introduction to SharePoint Services

One of the more commonly heard phrases in SharePoint community is perhaps “Service Applications”. The phrase typically pops up in conversations related to SharePoint deployment and planning, and sometimes in conversations related to application development. Most often, this is associated with words like “Managed Metadata Service” or “Search Service” or “User Profile Service”. In the […]

SharePoint Rendering Templates–An Implementation

In the previous article we looked at what rendering templates were and how rendering templates work in general.  We will continue looking deeper into rendering templates and also implement a scenario which we discussed in the previous article. We will discuss the associated source code minimally so that we can devote more time into discussing […]

SharePoint Rendering Templates – The Basics

When I started thinking of blogging on this subject, I thought it would be good to introduce the template based controls in ASP.NET as a starting point and move towards a discussion on how SharePoint uses this technique to provide a host of extension points to itself. Then I decided it better to focus on […]

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to all my visitors. I am new to blogging, and writing technical content in general, but I guess it has to start somewhere and sometime. So here I am with my first blog and blog post. What is this blog about? This blog will be about SharePoint, especially SharePoint 2010, application design and implementation. I […]