Hello and Welcome

Welcome to all my visitors. I am new to blogging, and writing technical content in general, but I guess it has to start somewhere and sometime. So here I am with my first blog and blog post.

What is this blog about?

This blog will be about SharePoint, especially SharePoint 2010, application design and implementation. I am a computer programming enthusiast with a specific interest in visualization and design of applications. My programming language of choice is C# and the platform is SharePoint. I have been a developer / consulting developer / application architect for the past 10 – 15 years. I love designing applications. My university education has been in Mathematics and so have a keen interest in logic, abstraction, visualization and problem solving. My blog will not be about mathematics, however, but about developing and designing SharePoint applications.

First steps in SharePoint 2010

For the past 3 years I have been developing and designing applications for WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007. Although a good platform, I couldn’t consider it the perfect platform for writing scalable applications natively in it. However, the past few months now I have been implementing an application which is exactly that: a scalable application using WCF 3.5,  SQL Server 2008 and WSS 3.0.  It has been an interesting experience to say the least – although I literally had a few sleepless nights with it.

I had the privilege of previewing the upcoming features of SharePoint 2010 a few months before it got released and have been waiting for an opportunity to get my hands dirty in it. As my favourite chess grandmaster Vishy Anand says, “Men wait for opportunities, wiser ones make them”.

So, I have decided to build an entire line of business integrated application in SharePoint 2010 as a project – starting with design decisions, moving on to actual design and implementation. As I move forward on it, I hope to write down what I learn / find in this blog so people looking for information on something I have worked on will be able to find it here.